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SPI Digital Protractor - Accurate Angle Measurements


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Product Information

SPI DIGITAL PROTRACTOR - Accurate Angle Measurements

This protractor provides an immediate digital reading of any angle in a full circle with 0-90º-0-90º-0 readings. The machined aluminum frame is rigid and light with a precise platform that allows the sensor and its microprocessor circuit to provide hight accuracy throughout the entire 360º range.

  • Four 90º quadrants for display purposes.
  • Calibrates in minutes without any special fixtures.
  • HOLD button for freezing a reading in an unreadable position.
  • ABS/ZERO button allows 2 measuring modes, Standard and Alternate Reference.
  • V-grooves on top and bottom for use on curved surfaces.
  • Angle displayed upright regardless of Protractor position.
  • Mint condtion in hard case
  • Price includes Prioritaire  tracked shipping from France


Contents of Package :  1x SPI Digital Protractor in Hard Case


Product Code: SPI - Digital


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